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Our Inspiration The origins of Harmonic Drive AG lie in the invention of strain wave gearing by Walton Musser. Originally designed for space applications, the particular characteristics of this gear principle, such as zero backlash, compactness and a high single stage gear ratio meant the technology was also of interest to many other application areas. Since its inception over 40 years ago, Harmonic Drive AG has transformed itself into the company offering the solution of choice for high precision drive technology. Whether for servo drives, direct drives, gears following the strain wave principle or planetary drives: the more demanding the task, the better! Overall we currently offer more than 23,000 different products, of which more than 80% are customer specific solutions which can be manufactured from a lot size of 1. With this concept we are able to meet both the present and future needs of our customers. Any questions you may have, please direct them to our staff in sales and in our technical customer services. It does not matter whether you want advice, check the current status of your order, start to use our products or simply purchase spare parts – we are happy to help you. Harmonic Drive® worldwide Our products are sold throughout the world. Harmonic Drive AG is the contact for customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. North America and the Far East are looked after by our partner companies in those areas, with whom we constantly exchange our knowledge. We consider close proximity to our customers is very important and have sales offices throughout Germany as well as our subsidiary companies in UK, France, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. In almost all other countries, we can also offer local contact through our representatives. Manufacture of our own motors and bearings In order to manufacture even more compact actuators, Harmonic Drive AG developed its own motors which are designed and manufactured in Limburg. This ensures close links between the development of the servo components, construction and production. Many of our products use a precise and compact high capacity output bearing which can withstand high tilting loads. Here, in order to create greater flexibility and provide the opportunity for more innovative products and designs, we produce our own cross roller bearings.


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